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Gift for Pet Owner

Insightful: Is their any other pollution that our masters need to clean up?

Momma Eco: If we want to be environmental heroes, we need to direct our masters to the refrigerant gas problem.

Playful: Who or what is an environmental hero?

Truthful: I want to try and answer that. An environmental hero is any master or anyone who sees pollution and contributes his or her time or money or both to make a difference … Like the people who purchase a carbon credit gift for a pet owner from!

Doubtful: A pet lover gift idea?

Momma Eco: Yes, Doubtful. And that’s very good Truthful. Before you know it you’ll be able to answer lots of questions. But, getting back to your question Insightful, yes we the pets of the world see much refrigerant gas is in the atmosphere.

Insightful: Is that bad?

Momma Eco: Very bad. Unlike CO2, which is natural (although there is just too much) refrigerant gasses are hundreds, or thousands and even tens of thousands of times worst than CO2.

Insightful, Truthful, Helpful, Playful, Faithful, Doubtful, You and Me and Everyone who hears: OH My!!!!!

Pet Lover Gift Idea

Momma Eco: I don’t mean to scare you, but you need to know. Refrigerant gases are master made, not natural, some cause ozone depletion, and all affect the atmosphere. For example, ozone is good high up in the sky to filter out the sun’s ultra-violet rays. However CFC and HCFC gasses have chlorine in them, which eats up the good ozone. Now ozone is a natural green house gas and when a CFC eats it their may not be a global warming effect but a global cooling effect. That is one of the reasons some of our masters refer to some of the damage as climate change not global warming.

Insightful: Mom you mentioned the rainforest earlier, what does that have to do with anything?

Momma Eco: Well, trees consume CO2 and the more trees the better off we are. But you guys are too young to handle knowing some of the damage our masters are responsible for. 

Insightful: Will trees remove refrigerant gas from the atmosphere?

Mom: No, all the trees in the world could not remove refrigerant gas. It is made by our masters and it is in the air longer than all of our lifetimes put together.

Insightful, Truthful, Helpful, Playful, Doubtful, you and me and everyone who hears: Oh My!!!

Insightful: Is their anyway to rid the air of the refrigerant pollution?

The people at believe there is. They are selling carbon credits, a perfect pet lover gift idea, that make ordinary pets Environmental Watchdogs and make their owners heroes. By purchasing one carbon credit, one gift for a pet owner, they are reducing carbon, or carbon equivalent, by one ton from overall emissions.

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