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Ways to Prevent Global Warming

In order for the puppies to understand different ways to prevent global warming, they first needed to understand how it works. Here, the puppies are finally beginning to get it.

Truthful: How and when did our masters figure out they were causing damage?

Momma Eco: Their scientists saw the ice melting at the north and south poles, and then they wondered if they were responsible. So, they pondered further and realized how much of the rain forest they destroyed. Further investigation of fossil fuel being burned for electricity, transportation, and heat got them nervous. They started wondering if there were ways to prevent global warming that they could implement.

Truthful: So our masters do have potential! They are starting to realize something is wrong.

Momma Eco: Well, Truthful, only a few masters really care enough to do anything.

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How Can Global Warming be Prevented?

Helpful: Oh my. Well, how can global warming be prevented? What can be done to get more of them involved?

Momma Eco: The environmental scientists actually gave them all the tools to remedy the pollution.

Truthful: Really Momma? Tell me; please, I am really getting concerned.

Momma Eco: Most of our masters’ pollution is carbon based. They make foot print calculators so everyone and every business can figure how much carbon they are responsible for that goes into the air. 

Insightful: Is carbon bad in the air?

Momma Eco: No, carbon is natural; it comes from us, our masters and cows make a lot.

Playful: What is a cow?

Momma Eco: They are much bigger than us, and our masters love the milk they produce. And, believe it or not, the waste from all the grass they eat is put under a big tent and our master captures the methane.

Insightful: What is methane?

Momma Eco: A natural gas that can be used just like fossil fuel.

Truthful: That is smart.

Momma Eco: Yes, very smart and our masters have created a market for this ingenious idea. All the methane they capture can be sold to a business that has difficulty cutting back their carbon emissions.

Insightful: Are there other good ideas from our masters?

Momma Eco: Well, they have renewable energy. These are sources of power, such as solar power, windmills, and hydro-electricity, to name a few, are clean.

Insightful: Is there any incentive to use these forms of power?

Momma Eco: Yes, these clean energy sources can also be reimbursed for each ton of CO2 (carbon dioxide) they replace by generating clean energy.

Truthful: I’m starting to realize how important our masters are, and I am going to love them more!

Momma Eco, Faithful, Insightful, Helpful and even Doubtful: And how, they deserve our love!

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