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The Environmental Watchdogs

Truthful: Do you know what I know?

Doubtful: What do you know?

Truthful: All about the colorless, odorless, and tasteless gases …

The Environmental Watchdogs are Truthful, Helpful, Doubtful, Insightful, Playful, Faithful, and their seemingly all-knowing mother, Momma Eco. Together, they are environmental heroes, responsible for cultivating the image of

The people at strive “doggedly” to reduce the impact of refrigerant gases on the environment, but they need the help of others to effectively remedy the problem. Their grassroots environmental movement seeks to get others involved in the sale of carbon credits.

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Grassroots Environmental Movement

The people at believe that the carbon credit market will be a trillion dollar market and that it is the solution to the billions of pounds of refrigerant gasses stuck in the atmosphere. proposes that for each ton of carbon purchased from the grassroots environmental movement, they will source mixed gasses and rid the HVAC and Automotive industries of all of its expenses in handling and destroying mixed gasses. The result is a cleaner earth, happier people, and animals. Now, it is simply about communication.

Environmental Heroes

The people at don’t want to play the blame game. The watchdogs are a fun, non-threatening way, and non-blaming way to communicate the threat of global warming. For both adults and kids alike, the Environmental Watchdogs are environmental heroes, and they encourage others to participate in the fight as well.

You can get involved by simply sponsoring your pet. By purchasing a carbon credit, your pet will become an Environmental Watchdog and will be a part of the world’s largest grassroots program to remove hazardous chemicals and waste from the air. They will reap the health benefits of cleaner air, and together, you and your pet will reduce literally tons of carbon or carbon equivalent from emissions.

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