dog with globe

The Solutions of Global Warming

Here, the Environmental Watchdogs are learning how dogs’ masters can make money by reducing global warming. As usual, Doubtful is a bit unsure.

Doubtful: How can our masters make money?

Faithful: By implementing the various solutions of global warming, they will make a carbon credit; a verifiable reduction of green house gas or green house gas equivalent as calculated by their scientist. They can actually make the carbon credits their money. The more they learn about global warming and the solutions and clean the air, the more money they’ll make.

Doubtful: Dream on.

Faithful: This could work if you think about it.

Global Warming and the Solutions

Playful:  It’s true! A CCCC (carbon credit credit card) can be used at the pet shop, to buy toys, bones, toys, treats, toys, leashes and toys and stuff.

Doubtful:  I’ll bet you a ton of carbon that they will never figure it out.

Insightful: You’re on.

As Doubtful and Insightful’s bet continued on, worked hard to spread the word about global warming and the solutions. Focusing on their special grassroots project, worked diligently toward their goal of ridding the industry of its expense and liability from handling and destroying refrigerant gases. After many weeks of work, they finally began to answer the question “How can we reduce global warming?” for dogs and their masters nationwide.

How Can We Reduce Global Warming?

Six months later in doggy years, (in master years 3 weeks), the puppies were gathered together again.

Insightful: Doubtful, you owe me a ton of carbon, look at! They even recorded our conversations about the solutions of global warming, and put it all over the Internet!

Doubtful: You’re right, but it’s the best money I ever spent. Even still, they have to act on their plans.

Truthful:  I’m searching for answers momma, can you help me?

Momma Eco: Its okay puppies. We’ll answer the question, “How can we reduce global warming?” together, so ask away.

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