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I’ll Bet You a Ton of Carbon!

At a previous Environmental Watchdogs Meeting …

Insightful: I’ll bet you a ton of carbon that is going to be the most linked site of all time!

Doubtful: Insightful, I don’t think I’ll bet you a ton of carbon this time because I’m hoping your right. I can’t believe that I, Doubtful am actually being hopeful. It just goes to show you that we can learn a lot from our momma, friends, and brothers and sisters. is selling carbon credits to limit the impact of hazardous gasses on the environment. By purchasing one carbon credit on behalf of your pet, you will not only make your pet an Environmental Watchdog, but you will reduce one ton of carbon, or carbon equivalent, from overall emissions.

Read about refrigerant gas destruction.

What are Carbon Credits?

Playful: What are carbon credits?

Momma Eco: Carbon credits are a key part of international emissions trading schemes (or mechanisms) used to reduce the global warming problem. They cap total emissions and let the market assign a monetary value to shortfalls, should they occur through trading. Carbon credits are sponsorships sold by Masters can buy carbon credits, and with each $6.00 purchase, one ton of carbon or carbon equivalent is removed from the atmosphere.

Playful: Wow …

Playful: What are carbon credits good for?

Truthful, Insightful, Doubtful, and Faithful: They’re good for the earth!

Momma Eco: And for everyone in it.

Buy Carbon Credits at

Make your pet an Environmental Watchdog by purchasing carbon credits on their behalf. The benefits are numerous; buy carbon credits at and you can:

  • Be a part of the world’s largest grassroots program for reduction of waste in the air
  • Open people’s eyes to the breath-taking situation
  • Reduce a ton of carbon from the air by enabling the removal of waste
  • Give a gift that makes a real difference

The dogs know. Browse for more information.

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