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CFC Destruction

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve likely heard all about global warming or climate change, as some like to call it. Perhaps you’ve heard talk about "carbon footprints", a measure of everyone’s greenhouse gas emissions, and the different strategies for CFC destruction.

The people at want to make dialogue about greenhouse gasses (GHGs), carbon emissions, and carbon offsets (strategies for refrigerant gas destruction and control) commonplace. With the dialogue of the Environmental Watchdogs, they’re getting their cause off the ground.

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Refrigerant Gas Destruction

At a previous Environmental Watchdogs meeting, Helpful offers assistance in understanding the problem.

Helpful: We all know through our keen senses, how bad the vented gas is for every living creature. We must help our masters figure out that they all can prosper by reducing or preventing pollution. Their scientists have calculated that all gases (CFC, HCFC, and HFC) and their equivalents to a ton of CO2. Hopefully, they will figure out the man made gases, like the refrigerants, are the worst. The refrigerant gas is what stinks, is sour and is distorting our true blue sky. Please realize that while out of sight out of mind is our masters belief, it’s as plain as the snout on a dog’s face is to us. We must create a plan for refrigerant gas destruction.

Environmental Watchdogs

That’s exactly what the people at have done. They have created a plan for refrigerant gas and CFC destruction, and now it is up to the puppies and their masters to communicate and get involved with the cause.

For more information, please browse or continue reading their selection of informative articles. Search the internet for information about carbon offsets, learn about them, and become an Environmental Watchdog today.

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