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What are Carbon Credits?

Here, the Environmental Watchdogs are engaged in an intense conversation about global warming. Insightful has just asked an important question.

Insightful: Is their anyway to rid the air of the refrigerant pollution and emit less greenhouse gases?

Momma Eco: The first thing to be done is to prevent leaking. This will stop the damage from getting worst. Then there needs to be an all out effort to collect all the worthless gas and get it destroyed.

Insightful: So, if someone searches for CFC, HCFC, or HFC destruction and they find, they can find a company who is willing to bare the cost of destruction.

Playful: What are carbon credits?

Momma Eco: Carbon credits are sponsorships sold by With each $6.00 purchase, one ton of carbon or carbon equivalent is removed from the atmosphere.

Playful: Wow …

Momma Eco: Also, Environmental will reinvest the monies they receive. This will be for freight expenses, chemical analysis, disposal fees, and so much more. In other words Playful, our master’s economy will greatly improve. 

Playful: Wow, playtime is much more fun when business is good. Momma, thank you for encouraging me to ask questions like, ­­­“what are carbon credits? And, “how can we emit less greenhouse gases?”

Emit Less Greenhouse Gases at

Truthful: How do we spread the word to fix this problem and to prevent and emit less greenhouse gases?

Momma Eco: is doing a fantastic job. If any website owner links their site to, the news and solution will spread fast.

Insightful: I’ll bet you a ton of carbon that is going to be the most linked site of all time!

Doubtful: I can’t bet you a ton of carbon because I’m hoping your right. I can’t believe that I, Doubtful, am actually being hopeful. It just goes to show you that we can learn a lot from our momma, friends, and brothers and sisters.

Playful: What are carbon credits good for?

Truthful, Insightful, Doubtful, and Faithful: They’re good for the earth!

Momma Eco: And for everyone in it.

Make Money with Carbon Credits

Faithful: Since we all try to have a great attitude for our masters’ delight, and we now know that money also makes them happy, then explain how they can make money.

Truthful: The Kyoto Protocol has more than a hundred countries trying to mandate carbon emission reduction. The United States is going to enter this scheme, (Not a bad word around the world, an American term would be more like mechanism). In addition, whatever the United States does will be environmentally sound and monetarily enormous. Think carbon credit, how you can source them, create them and hopefully it becomes the standard in which the world will re-establish its money system.

Get involved by contacting and they will share their insight to get involved in the second coming of the “Wild Wild West.” Yes, they will reveal the market as they see it, and will make suggestions where general investors or sellers can do some business.

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