What We Do

At Environmental Watchdogs, we choose not to participate in the blame game. It’s much too late for that. Solutions are our only concern.

The gas-venting situation is out of control, and our world’s protocols – with their complexity without flexibility – cannot keep pace with a cause we see as urgent. Despite efforts by many to downplay the situation, we know the time to act is now. Our Grassroots and Environmental Heroes Projects are our innovative actions toward a better, cleaner Earth.

The Environmental WatchdogsTM Plan

In a nutshell, Environmental Watchdogs wants to pay every 608 and 609 license holder (Licensed HVAC Contractors and Automotive Mechanics) up to $1 per pound for any CFC gasses. (Because this dollar is less than the value of every useable gas, this plan eliminates any concern that an unscrupulous party would produce gas for the purpose of having it destroyed for profit.) Environmental Watchdogs will also pay market price for gasses, which can be reclaimed and resold for a profit. Environmental Watchdogs will have this gas transported to an EPA certified reclaimer for testing. After analysis, the gas will either be reclaimed to Air Conditioning, Refrigerant Institute (ARI) requirement or destroyed. Our verifier of all our destroyed CFC gasses will extrapolate the Global Warming Potential (GWP) for eventual acceptance at the CCX for carbon credits (CC). We at Environmental Watchdogs will reinvest the sale of CC to purchase more gas – a win-win cycle. The 608 and 609 license holders are our environmental heroes. We must give them the working capital to get the job done.

NOTE: Our philosophy has always been that you cannot sell from an empty wagon. We have sourced unwanted CFCs, had them analyzed, destroyed, and verified by the Chicago Climate Exchange.

Did you know that in 1976, just the aerosol CFC 12 gas application could fill enough 12 ounce cans, standing side by side, to circle the earth 85 times? And it’s all vented and still in the atmosphere! – www.afeas.org

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