Who We Are

In the early 1990s, an early movement was under way to ban CFC 12 forever. CFC 12 was the air conditioning refrigerant gas used in all automobiles. We, the founders of Environmental Watchdogs, were highly involved in the distribution of auto parts.

Due to dwindling supplies and increasing government regulations and excise taxes, the price of CFC 12 began to skyrocket. We at Environmental Watchdogs plunged into this most volatile market with both feet. As a result, we grew our business beyond distribution and focused on sourcing recovered gasses from the automotive and HVAC industries. (Learn more about what Environmental Watchdogs does now by browsing our site.)

We at Environmental Watchdogs have developed priceless relationships with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (USEPA) certified reclaimers. These reclaimers have restored all of the recovered refrigerants we supplied them, back to the ARI standards, as virgin gas.

We find ourselves now at a crossroads. We have strived doggedly to build relationships with HVAC contractors, and are working to offer these contractors monetary incentives for their efforts to eliminate CFC gasses. Indeed, these are the environmental heroes of the new millennium.

We at Environmental Watchdogs cannot escape our conscious, knowing full well of a problem we have the ability and the desire to remedy. We have spent several hundred thousand dollars to buy, analyze, destroy and receive carbon credits. The only piece missing is the sale of our carbon credits. Revenues from sales are needed to source a continuous stream of worthless hazardous gasses. Your involvement will make our pollution solution possible.

Did you know that the carbon credit market will be a trillion dollar market?

Did you know that due to its chemical properties, nearly all of the staggering billions of pounds of CFC gasses vented are stuck in the atmosphere for decades to come?

So how does this information affect you? Whether you’re in the HVAC industry or just the average concerned citizen, you can help Environmental Watchdogs reduce CFCs in the environment. Learn more by reading about our Pet Projects (Environmental heroes, and Grass roots).